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The J&J WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program will help develop female leaders and support innovation in the STEM2D disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing, Design)  by funding six women at critical points in their research careers through a Scholar’s Award. 

The Scholars Award is a 3-year award in the gross amount of $150,000, which will be paid to the University (the “Recipient”) for the benefit of the J&J Scholar and her research, with the understanding that the Recipient will administer the funds. The Scholars Award will be paid in three (3) installments of US $50,000 per year over the 3-year award period, subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of the program’s Agreement.

The six inaugural awards will be available in 2018 and aim to fund one woman per area of STEM2D concentration in the early career stage where they have concluded their advanced degree training but are not at the level of tenure in their accredited university or design school institution. The early-career support is aimed to be a catalyst for women to become leaders in their organizations and fields. The program will help build a larger pool of highly-trained researchers to meet the growing needs of academia and industry.   

The J&J WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program will play an influential role in achievements made in the areas of STEM2D and the future.

Please submit NON-CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATON ONLY for consideration by Johnson & Johnson and its advisors, consultants and service providers in evaluating the Applicant for the WiSTEM2D Scholars Program.

For more information go to the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program website

For individuals encountering challenges accessing the Scholars Program application submission page, please send an email to for an alternative submission option.